Understanding the Emotions of Female Performance

28 January 2022

Compass For Life

Emotional Wheel

The Compass For Life team are proud to be continuing our leadership training work with the British Army. Alongside our ongoing work with all junior soldiers at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate, we have been involved in a pilot project called Project Athena. Project Athena is working with approximately 45 women in the military to enhance female performance during training.


The Compass For Life team has been providing this group of talented female soldiers with techniques to improve their physical and mental resilience. Our sessions have ensured that they have key strategies to use as individuals and, equally importantly, as a team when under pressure.

Over the Christmas period we sent them a number of expert video tutorials to support them in maintaining their fitness and awareness of the factors that can influence their performance.

This video by Dr Amanda Wilding, Senior Lecturer in Sports Psychology at Bournemouth University is called “Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars: Understanding the emotions of female performance”.

She focuses on:

  • Male vs female
  • Understanding your own behaviours
  • Knowing your emotions
  • The Emotional Wheel & Wall of Resilience

It is a great example of how understanding what influences our behaviour and the fact that we process experiences differently can be harnessed to help us succeed. The marginal gains necessary for becoming elite are found in these differences. Having the right mindset and developing both mental and physical resilience to unlock the marginal gains is where success and reaching your Super North Star lies.

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