The power of the Compass For Life philosophy lies in its simplicity: four cardinals to help you become your best self, find your own “elite” and make a difference in the world - no matter who you are. The Compass helps provide a core motivating purpose for learning, together with direction for the journey through life: a bright, shining north cardinal (the guiding Super North Star) of aspiration that sits in the sky and that, no matter what the obstacles, you can always see. With the right conviction, anyone can adopt the cardinals, anyone can thrive with them:

Super North Star

Having a Super North Star unleashes the adventurer within you. Where you take opportunities to live the life you want and become the best version of yourself.


Your values and behaviours are critical to achieving your purpose. If your ethos is ethical and authentic you are on the correct path.


You need to be a strategist, a pathfinder that searches for the best route to get to the Super North Star. You need to develop a clear plan derived from facts and analysis with realistic milestones and contingencies.

Warrior Spirit

Your Warrior Spirit refers to your strength of character, your desire to step into the pressure zone and fight for what you believe. It is where you develop the appropriate skill sets and mental and physical resilience. You are courageous, committed and determined to succeed.

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