Why the spiritual elite will change the world

24 March 2023

Compass For Life

Business woman holding a mug that says 'like a boss'

Spirituality has been a part of our society for centuries. But as the world has changed, so too has our concept of spirituality. To be spiritual is often met with scepticism from others because the word has lost its meaning in an ever-changing society.

The truth is that spirituality is different for us all – because each of us has our own unique spirit. But by its simplest definition, spirituality is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. At Compass for Life, the crux of our mission is to help you develop your values to know exactly who you are in this world as you unlock your Super North Star. And we believe that by doing this, we can create a more balanced society where the spiritual elite can move mountains and change our World for the better.

The power of the Compass For Life philosophy lies in its simplicity: four cardinals to help you become your best self, find your own “elite” and make a difference in the world – no matter who you are.

The Compass helps provide a core motivating purpose, giving you direction through the journey of life – a bright, shining Super North Star of aspiration that sits in the sky and that, no matter what the obstacles, you can always see.

But what does this mean in business, why is it so important for our leaders? The spiritual elite amongst us are conscious leaders – they take an active, empathetic role that combines compassion with professionalism. First and foremost, the spiritual elite always sees the human being in front of them, enabling them to act with empathy, humanity, and the very best of intentions.

Furthermore, being self-aware of your own spirituality allows you to regulate your emotions, respond with empathy and act with intent, thus building trust and inspiring hope amongst others.

In the workplace, this is crucial. A person that’s in touch with their spirituality leads with integrity, and this is vital for teams in the workplace. Each team within a workplace or organisation is a highly democratic entity in which everyone should be able to contribute or speak their mind freely. And just like presidents and prime ministers are required to lead great democracies, a workplace leader is just as essential to keep the peace and unite people under a shared vision.

Spiritual leadership means creating an altruistic culture where people are highly motivated, committed, and empowered. By tapping into the fundamental needs of both leaders and followers, we find deeper meaning and connections.

Ultimately, by becoming a leader who keeps the human at the heart of all decision-making, we can not only change the lives of the people who look to us for guidance – we can create a fairer society, and a better planet.

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