What it means to be a navigator

24 March 2023

Compass For Life


Each of us is on our own unique journey in life. While no journey is without its twists and turns that we must navigate, it takes a unique set of skills to be a Compass for Life Navigator. But what exactly does it mean to be a navigator, and what are the unique skills that our team possesses?

What is a navigator?

Our organisation has been built from the ground up by people that have spent their lives pursuing excellence and forging future leaders. We call these people our Navigators. In short, they are Navigators because they not only use the Compass to navigate their own journey toward their Super North Star, but have been trained to deliver the methodology to others. By understanding the compass and the power of bringing the four cardinals together in equilibrium, our Navigators are equipped to challenge you to do the same.

When it comes to empowering individuals and businesses, our Navigators have a proven track record in helping people to achieve their goals. They push the boundaries of human potential, challenging those who wish to make a difference in their world: from children to civil servants and business people to athletes.

What qualities do our navigators have?

From award-winning athletes and world-record holders to inspirational teachers and business owners, all of our navigators have lived rich lives, but each of their stories and paths are unique. And that’s to be expected because nobody shares the same Super North Star – we each have our own unique purpose in this life. But our Navigators do share one common trait – they are passionate about empowering others to succeed.

The human spirit is a truly remarkable thing that lives within us, giving us all the capacity for greatness. They truly understand the four cardinals of the compass and use our methodology in their day-to-day lives. They live and breathe the values of our organisation, which enables them to teach you how to unlock the very same qualities within you so that you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of while following your true purpose. Each of our Navigators has known success, but perhaps more importantly, they have experienced failure too. They understand the importance of the journey, and how bringing the four cardinals together can make somebody the best version of themselves, to find their own “elite” and make a difference in the world – no matter who they are.

What our Navigators have to say

As our Navigator, ‘Neil’, explains, being a navigator is “As a Navigator, my Super North Star is to enable others to experience the personal and corporate transformation that happens, when individuals and organisations consciously decide to make life and work choices, based on a set of universal positive human values. These values include respect, honesty, trust, justice, integrity, compassion and determination. The energy of these powerful life-enhancing values creatively energises every cardinal of the Compass. For me, I regularly check-in with myself, to confirm that I am living the values to which I aspire. This process enables me to be a positive role model to my family, friends, colleagues and professional associates. I firmly believe that society will be transformed when values are really understood and lived in all our hearts and minds. My role as a navigator, is to take you on a deep dive into the East Cardinal, which is called Ethos – the spirit and character of an organisation, determined by its values.”

To hear first-hand from our Navigators and how they can help you find your own Super North Star, check out our visionary leadership and development packages for both individuals and organisations.