Compass For Life has been built from the ground up by people that have spent their lives pursuing excellence and forging future leaders. The Compass For Life programmes are delivered by our expert team of Navigators. They are Navigators because they use the Compass to navigate their own journey towards their Super North Star and challenge you to do the same. Our Navigators push the boundaries of potential of those who wish to make a difference in their world: from children to civil servants to business people and athletes. The common theme uniting us is that we are passionate about empowering people to succeed.

Floyd Woodrow MBE DCM

Geraldine Castro

Kevin Marlow

Marcus Child

Dr Neil Hawkes

Malcom Frame

Dr Rob Kennett MBE

Julie Bullen

Ross McDermott

Jane Hannah

Aaron Eckhoff

Chantal Dean

Matthew Whitfield

Dr Daryl Szebesta

Tom MacKay

We have access to other Navigators, with experience and skills in many areas, depending on what each client needs.

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