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Grow your business in 2024

Is a goal of yours to develop your teams in 2024 to keep them motivated, get the most out of their skill and reach your business objectives?

We take leaders and their teams on a journey of coaching to support and empower them towards their goals and aspirations. Our aim is to help leaders and teams strive for excellence and competence which improves productivity, efficiency, and growth.

The Compass for Life model gets you to think about your brand, your ethos, your purpose – a Super North Star – all leading to your company’s success and harmony. With our visionary leadership courses and development programmes, we’ll delve into dreams, passions and an untapped pool of potential within your team.

“I urge any and every business/school/sports team/individual to reach out to these guys and see how they can support you grow”.

Linkedin post from recent student – october 2023

Bespoke Courses

Are you a resilient leader and team? Compass for Life helps to build high performing teams based on trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and focused on results.

Our courses are tailored to the unique requirements of each client where we provide interactive and immersive training. Whatever your objectives are for you and your teams, we can make them come to life.

Typical benefits from our courses include:

-Get the inspiration to define your goals and the goals of your teams
-Have the courage to pursue these goals
-Align company’s vision, values and strategy across teams
-Explore advanced communication and negotiation techniques
-Improve leadership coaching and mentoring skills

Paul Matthews, CEO of Monmouthshire Council

  • I lead an organisation of over 20,000 people and I realised I needed to ensure my organisation maximised the potential of a team that, whilst considered a high preforming organisation, wanted to move on to a new Elite. We needed to be even more resilient and totally connected across every area of the organisation.
  • Welsh Rugby Union
  • Universal
  • Vistage
  • tyf
  • BT
  • Calor
  • Barnet London Borough
  • BBC
  • Apollo
  • ao
  • Rothschild & Co
  • amec
  • primesite
  • Oracle
  • Monmouthshire Council
  • NHS
  • Idemia
  • Marks and Spencer
  • England and Wales Cricket
  • Gleeds
  • edf
  • Coats
  • EAS
  • Cardiff Council

The Four Cardinals

Based on the four cardinals of the compass, our methodology teaches you how to become the best version of yourself and unlock qualities within you that can influence your future and contribution to the world. With each of the cardinals in perfect equilibrium, you’ll be impossible to beat, even on your worst days.

When these four cardinals come together and are in equilibrium, we create leaders with profound depth and adaptability. What’s more, our leadership courses and development programmes are universal. From executive coaching for senior leaders across multiple industries to management team leadership training and future leaders’ courses, we all have the capacity to transform ourselves.

North compass point

Super North Star

Your Super North Star is an unambiguous visualisation of your dream and a commitment to achieve it. A purpose to aim towards in a personal and professional perspective that sits high on the horizon so you can always see it.

West compass point

Warrior Spirit

Your strength of character is what we call your Warrior Spirit. When you unleash your warrior spirit, you’ll ignite the strength, mental and physical resilience within yourself to fight for and achieve your Super North Star.

East compass point


Your ethos is a set of principles that guide your thinking and behaviour. We help you understand your authentic self and create a culture of high support and high challenge to guide you on your journey.

South compass point


Becoming a strategist is looking at the facts, figures and detail to plan your route to reach your Super North Star. Using a combination of wisdom and common sense, together we’ll challenge your own misconceptions to help you develop and refine a roadmap for life with realistic milestones.

Alison Harris, Head of OD & Learning at the Royal Brompton Hospital

  • Following a staff development review of women who had returned from maternity leave and their career progression, it was found that 92% had never progressed further in their careers once they had returned from maternity leave. Despite in some cases, being specialist in their own areas the majority appeared to have plateaued in their development and careers.

Want a bespoke course built for you team?

Get in touch, let us know more about your team and your objectives and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Books to get you thinking about leadership

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