Educational settings are like no other for showcasing the breadth in which Compass For Life can be performed and the effectiveness of its impact. From providing a framework of aspiration and resilience to pupils of all backgrounds, to instilling a culture of courage and empowerment in your staff. Our cardinals – Super North Star, Ethos, Strategist and Warrior Spirit - represent tranches of rigorous research and life experience exploring science and philosophy. They are the starting point for developing accessible programmes to challenge and inspire any audience.

“I have been leading large complex organisations for 20 years and have never experienced anything with this rigour or impact. It will touch every child in our schools, every person on our payroll and reach out into the communities that we serve.”

Paul Matthews, CEO, Monmouthshire County Council

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Making the difference

Working in education you are motivated by making a positive difference in people’s lives. You want to provide all young people with the launchpad to succeed. You want to create a rewarding environment for staff that accelerates their personal and professional development and boosts your retention. And you want to see the positive impact of your organisation spread well beyond its walls. You can achieve all of this with the transformative Compass For Life philosophy. This is because it can be delivered in an array of formats to suit the audience, your budget and the busy academic calendar.

Values-based education approach

Among other leadership methodologies, Compass For Life draws significantly on a values-based education approach. It creates a strong learning environment that enhances academic attainment, and develops students’ social and relationship skills that last throughout their lives. A constructive learning environment is achieved through the positive values modelled by staff throughout the school. It quickly liberates teachers and students from the stress of confrontational relationships, which frees up substantial teaching and learning time.

Products for schools and other academic institutions

We have a range of programmes for educational settings. They can be commissioned individually although you will achieve the maximum benefit by starting with the senior leadership programme and cascading the opportunity down to your full team and pupils.

Compass For Life for students

A range of Compass For Life programmes specially tailored to students – from a 24-week curriculum to transition preparation.

Senior leadership programme

Strategic analysis and focused one-to-one mentoring sessions to help your senior team level up and align with organisational vision.

Compass For Life introduction

A full or half day session which introduces the principles of Compass For Life to both staff and students.

Compass For Life masterclass

Focused sessions which explore one or more of the Compass Cardinals with senior leadership.

One to one coaching and mentoring at C-suite level

Challenging one to one mentoring and coaching delivered appropriately for the top people in educational organisations.

Train the trainer

Five-day courses which teach your staff how to become Compass For Life Navigators for the benefit of themselves and your students.

Bespoke offerings

We offer half day sessions and full residential programmes featuring elite outdoor team building activities for your senior team.

Motivational speaking events

We deliver motivational keynote talks at celebration events and assemblies; prepared around the themes you wish covered, and linked to Compass For Life philosophy.

”Floyd Woodrow MBE DMC and his team have created a most important and original model for developing young people that sits firmly within and supports the curriculum. Floyd outlines how having a 'Compass for Life' can help students to find their power of purpose and give them the strategic skills, values and confidence to achieve their aspirations..."

Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice Chancellor of the University of Buckingham & British Education commentator

How the Compass for Life cardinals work

The power of the Compass For Life philosophy lies in its simplicity: four cardinals to help you become your best self, find your own “elite” and make a difference in the world - no matter who you are. The Compass helps provide a core motivating purpose for learning, together with direction for the journey through life: a bright, shining north cardinal (the guiding Super North Star) of aspiration that sits in the sky and that, no matter what the obstacles, you can always see. With the right conviction, anyone can adopt the cardinals, anyone can thrive with them:

Compass For Life In Action

Compass For Life provides the tools and motivation to help you discover what matters most and build your own journey to the future you crave.

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