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Our one-to-one course

For those seeking guidance and support on their individual quest for self-development, our one-to-one courses are designed to give an insight into the Compass for Life philosophy and framework. Here, you’ll learn how the cardinals work individually, but mostly how truly transformative they can be when brought together in perfect equilibrium. Often, this course is the first step on your journey to a new way of life as we teach you to build your own Compass for Life map to reach your personal or professional goals.

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  • Get clarity on your direction in life, whether that’s personal, professional or both
  • Gain an understanding of the strategic implications of your vision
  • Learn how to define resilience in your own words; understand why it’s important and which resilience strategies work for you


  • Enhanced personal development with the ability to achieve clear, concise goals throughout life
  • A Personal Compass Map with documented long-term goals and a strategy for success
  • Practical advice on how to lead teams, influence and negotiate
  • Tools to build and maintain mental and physical resilience


  • Minimum of 4 sessions (4 x half days)
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