Education leadership course

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Our Education leadership course

This unique training package is designed for teachers and students alike. Whether it is primary school, secondary school or post-16 learning, this course looks at how to apply the compass cardinals to education.

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  • Gives senior leadership teams a methodology to set and effectively share their vision
  • Enables teachers to raise aspirations of all learners
  • Provides a vocabulary through the school
  • Supports the curriculum by inspiring young people to learn
  • Allows assessment over time linked to curriculum objectives
  • Engages parents and the wider community
  • Has strong links to statutory curriculum requirements


  • Teachers will learn how to apply a methodology to support their pupils’ selfdevelopment based on the Compass cardinals and philosophy; access to a full specialist workbook with practical advice and activities for each week
  • Pupils will grow individually and as a class in an inspiring environment; access to a Personal Compass Map as well as a workbook to document their journey and a full support network as they work towards their Super North Stars.


  • This course is bespoke based on the needs and availability of the school
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