An introduction to our new brand from our founder and CEO, Floyd Woodrow

21 March 2023

Compass For Life

Compass for life new brand

Recently, we’ve been doing some soul-searching of our own. As you can see, we’ve got a new look as a result of that journey. Ever since I founded Compass for Life back in 2015, my dream was to create a brand to inspire people to develop themselves, their teams and organisations, to push the bounds of performance and continue to grow from a personal and professional perspective. At its highest level, I want Compass for Life to encourage people to give back to society and indeed the world so that they can leave a legacy they’re proud of.

The redesign needed to show not only our vision but the sheer scale of the work that we are undertaking around the world in different sectors. Whether that’s education, sports, private and public sectors including military, NHS, or the life-changing, pioneering work we’re doing in prisons, it was essential that our website resonated with people from all walks of life, enabling them to understand how the programme can help people whatever the stage of their journey.

Following months of hard work and self-reflection, I can say with confidence that we’ve finally built that. The new website and brand fully represent not only where we are on our journey, but where we’re going. But while the look of our brand has evolved, our mission, values, and ethos remain the same as they always have. The new website communicates our vision, elevating our message and ensuring that more people find their purpose through our bespoke methodology, and that’s all thanks to our creative agency, Don’t Cry Wolf. From day one, John Brown, CEO and founder of Don’t Cry Wolf, shared our vision. As John puts it:

“Since I started my agency, I have made sure to embed Compass For Life into the way we set our goals and realise our dreams and ambition. It has been an utter pleasure to work closely with the Compass For Life team to get to the heart of what the brand stands for and to bring that to life visually and emotionally through a refreshed look, tone and website.

The map is one of the most iconic and profound assets for anyone embarking on the Compass for Life journey. Through the map room, we’ve brought that element front and centre and given people the opportunity to either dive straight into crafting their own path to their Super North Star, or offer them the space to discover more information and connect with the team.”

John brown, don’t cry wolf

As an organisation, our key goals are to utilise the brand that Don’t Cry Wolf has helped us to develop so we can continue to embed our methodology and programmes in each of the key sectors, changing lives and even society in the process. As an example, we want to show how the compass can assist students in becoming 21st-century learners in education. We want to give those in prison hope that there is a better journey for them to take and finally, to enhance the work we are doing with the Compass for Life foundation and bridge the educational gap that currently exists, creating equal opportunities for all children to thrive.

Ultimately, I want people to engage with us and join us on this journey. I want our website to open people’s minds to possibilities and see how the programme can support and challenge them to take the first step and then achieve their Super North Star, which is a clear visualisation of their dreams and a commitment to achieving them.

I hope you’ll join us on that journey.