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What we stand for

At Compass for Life, we’re here to help you look deeper into yourself as you set your vision for life and achieve your goals. Whether you’re a business leader, international sporting champion, teacher or simply looking for inspiration, our visionary programme will help you delve into your wildest dreams and deepest passions to unlock an untapped pool of potential and attain your goals.

Our evidence-based bespoke leadership and development programme assists individuals and teams alike in finding their true purpose – or as we call it, your Super North Star.

Right from the beginning of your journey, and with every step you take, your Super North Star will become your guiding principle through life, giving you the wisdom, strength and conviction to navigate the path you choose to walk.

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At Compass for Life, we help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. Start by mapping out your key milestones, and see where our methodology can take you.

The Four Cardinals

Based on the four cardinals of the compass, our methodology teaches you how to become the best version of yourself and unlock qualities within you that can influence your future and contribution to the world. With each of the cardinals in perfect equilibrium, you’ll be impossible to beat, even on your worst days.

When these four cardinals come together and are in equilibrium, we create leaders with profound depth and adaptability. What’s more, our leadership courses and development programmes are universal. From executive coaching for senior leaders across multiple industries to management team leadership training and future leaders’ courses, we all have the capacity to transform ourselves.

North compass point

Super North Star

Your Super North Star is an unambiguous visualisation of your dream and a commitment to achieve it. A purpose to aim towards in a personal and professional perspective that sits high on the horizon so you can always see it.

West compass point

Warrior Spirit

Your strength of character is what we call your Warrior Spirit. When you unleash your warrior spirit, you’ll ignite the strength, mental and physical resilience within yourself to fight for and achieve your Super North Star.

East compass point


Your ethos is a set of principles that guide your thinking and behaviour. We help you understand your authentic self and create a culture of high support and high challenge to guide you on your journey.

South compass point


Becoming a strategist is looking at the facts, figures and detail to plan your route to reach your Super North Star. Using a combination of wisdom and common sense, together we’ll challenge your own misconceptions to help you develop and refine a roadmap for life with realistic milestones.

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“When going through the Compass for Life session, I loved how relatable it was. It wasn't a generic delivery, it was really focused on the areas I needed to concentrate on most and it gave me actionable tasks to take forward. If you partake in a Compass for Life course, one thing’s for sure – you will find the key to your full potential.”

Chris Ashford / Ashford Fitness Consultancy Ltd
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“As a club, we’re always looking for an edge in our people, whether that’s a player or a member of staff. The principles of Compass for Life help us do just that in a holistic way that aligns with our own aspirations as a club. The framework helps people to get the best out of themselves, whether that’s as an individual, or as a wider team. “

Iain Brunnschweiler / Head of Technical Development, Southampton FC
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“Any individual or organisation that strives to transform themselves and turn things around should work with Compass for Life. Because change is one thing, but the cultural glue that binds it together is fundamental, and that’s what Compass for Life deliver.”

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Our non-profit

The Education Policy Institute 2020 report states that disadvantaged pupils are on average 18 months behind their peers in academic attainment by the age of 16. At the current rate, the study says it will take 500 years to close the gap. But we’ve made it our mission to do something about this today.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, we’re able to help disadvantaged children and young people to reach their full potential through the Compass for Life Foundation. With a lifelong programme of development and learning that harnesses the power of unbridled imagination, our foundation helps children and young people to make their wildest dreams a reality.

The pure magic of our children’s imaginations should never be underestimated, which is why the very core of our programme is centred around giving young people the tools to articulate their dreams. From here, we help them draw a map that takes them directly to their own Super North Star. By doing this, we give them a compass to navigate their way through the ups and downs of life so they grow into well-rounded adults with a clear sense of self and purpose.

With your donations, we’re able to empower teachers, youth workers and mentors with the tools they need to help us on this journey.

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We want to deliver a Compass For Life Student Day to 1,500 pupils from disadvantaged areas. You can help us.

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