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Faculty and student courses designed to benefit all

These unique training courses are designed for teachers and students alike. Whether you’re in a primary school, secondary school or post-16 learning, you’ll learn about the compass cardinals and how to apply these to your educational journey.

Our course structure is tailored based on each school’s requirements.

Leadership development and training

Working with Headteachers on a one-to-one basis, from a group of schools, or the Senior Leadership team of a school to develop whole school vision.

This can range from:

-Taking on a new Headship and wanting to clearly define the map for your journey with the school (professional development and coaching for you as a leader);

-Re-evaluating where you are currently, as a school or trust, and if you want to go in a new direction;

-Developing leadership capacity from within – ensuring that leaders at all levels are both empowered and challenged to make the best decisions for the whole school community.

Transition for students

Members of the team can work with students in key year groups (those at key transition points – year 6, year 11 and year 13) to help them strategically plan for taking the next steps. It can also be a useful tool for students when choosing their option subjects for study at KS4.

As with any of our programmes, students will be encouraged to think carefully about their Super North Star and then break this down into strategic milestones. During the session they will create their own personal map detailing areas specific to each of the compass cardinals.

Other aspects of a transition package can include:

-Preparing for the next part of their journey – developing confidence and self esteem to help them to manage change;

-Contingency planning to help be prepared if things don’t run smoothly (particularly useful for year 11 and sixth form students thinking about next steps post examinations);

-Enables year 6 students to prepare for the new challenges they will face upon starting a new secondary school.

CPD for all staff (teachers and support staff)

The Compass for Life programme offers teachers Continuing Professional Development (CPD) options for school staff at every stage of their careers.

By working through each of the cardinal points and developing their own personal map, staff will have an opportunity to think about their own career needs and aspirations, developing leadership in and out of the classroom, reflecting on physical and mental well-being, exploring the challenges faced as 21st Century educators, looking at both personal and whole school values.

This will have a positive whole school impact as by getting the best out of teachers, individually and within their teams, which will enable them in turn to inspire their pupils.

Completion of this training will also enable staff to deliver the Compass for Life student programme.

Raising aspirations for students

All students think carefully about their Super North Star (big dreams, goals and aspirations) they will be challenged to think big. ‘What do they want to be when they grow up?’
They will work on creating a map for themselves (a detailed plan of where they are heading), breaking their journey towards their Super North Star down into manageable steps with clear and achievable milestones (Strategy).

For the East cardinal (Ethos) they will consider in detail their own personal code of conduct, values and characteristics but also how they work with (communicate with others).

The West cardinal (Warrior) will help students to develop awareness and strategies to be resilient in areas of both physical and mental health and well-being. They will be encourage to step out of their comfort zones to take action in the direction of their dreams.

Members of the team can attend deliver training sessions to students, present as keynote speakers or work with small groups of students (foci such as improving attendance, elite performance for high ability, resilience and self-esteem for disengaged students).

The Compass for Life model covers a wide range of themes including, but not exclusively, aspirations, careers, values, resilience, well-being, courage, strategy. It fits strongly alongside the Gatsby Benchmarks for careers; in particular benchmarks 3,4 and 5 (if students undertake the 24-week programme this will also support benchmark 1 ‘delivery of a stable careers programme’).

Anouska Sehmi, Deputy Headteacher Dollis Primary School

  • Through the CFL Programme, we want to aim for all of our students to leave school with… (1) The knowledge, skills and education that prepares them for secondary school, adult life and the world of work. (2) A sense of responsibility as a future global citizen. (3) Ambition and an awareness of their limitless potential. (4) A thirst to be a motivated learner for life.
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The Four Cardinals

Based on the four cardinals of the compass, our methodology teaches you how to become the best version of yourself and unlock qualities within you that can influence your future and contribution to the world. With each of the cardinals in perfect equilibrium, you’ll be impossible to beat, even on your worst days.

When these four cardinals come together and are in equilibrium, we create leaders with profound depth and adaptability. What’s more, our leadership courses and development programmes are universal. From executive coaching for senior leaders across multiple industries to management team leadership training and future leaders’ courses, we all have the capacity to transform ourselves.

North compass point

Super North Star

Your Super North Star is an unambiguous visualisation of your dream and a commitment to achieve it. A purpose to aim towards in a personal and professional perspective that sits high on the horizon so you can always see it.

West compass point

Warrior Spirit

Your strength of character is what we call your Warrior Spirit. When you unleash your warrior spirit, you’ll ignite the strength, mental and physical resilience within yourself to fight for and achieve your Super North Star.

East compass point


Your ethos is a set of principles that guide your thinking and behaviour. We help you understand your authentic self and create a culture of high support and high challenge to guide you on your journey.

South compass point


Becoming a strategist is looking at the facts, figures and detail to plan your route to reach your Super North Star. Using a combination of wisdom and common sense, together we’ll challenge your own misconceptions to help you develop and refine a roadmap for life with realistic milestones.

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