When, as CEO or head coach, you have mastered Compass For Life for your personal use, and understand the benefits, train the trainer is your next step for delivering the principles to the team you lead. As well as teaching you a methodology, it will also deepen your own understanding of the cardinals. Three levels of accreditation are available, giving you extra skills for life and putting you in control of the transformational change that is building momentum. You already understand the challenge and the opportunity. Now it is time to challenge your team to find their elite whilst giving them the support to do so.


  • The Train The Trainer (TTT) package is a 5-day course delivered face to face
  •  This can be done in 5 consecutive days or split into 2-2-1 days over time


  • Refined and in-depth understanding of the CfL concept and cardinals
  • Ready for training of/application with existing or new/other audiences


      • Upskilling you so that you can deliver the CfL programme to any audience, beyond your own organisations, teams and schools
      • 3 levels of accreditation are possible:
      • - An ILM Level 3 Award in Effective Coaching
      • - An ASDAN Level 2 Award of Personal Effectiveness
      • - An ILM Level 5 Award in Coaching & Mentoring

“I have been leading large complex organisations for 20 years and have never experienced anything with this rigour or impact. It will touch every child in our schools, every person on our payroll and reach out into the communities that we serve.”

Paul Matthews, CEO, Monmouthshire County Council

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