For top tier sports administrators and head coaches who want to continue their personal and professional growth and leadership development, we strongly recommend our one to one mentoring and coaching. This programme has the level of rigour required to inspire the most accomplished of professionals. It will excite you, tapping into your sense of adventure in your unique role. Gain clarity on personal and organisational vision and the strategy needed to achieve it. Understand how the Compass For Life philosophy can transform your whole organisation and the individuals within it.


  • 1 to 2 hours full Compass For Life leadership programme bespoke and tailored to the individual’s need
  • Minimum of 4 sessions


  • Compass For Life leadership programme to enhance personal development
  • How to create your vision and strategy
  • How to bring teams with you
  • How to influence and negotiate
  • How to build mental and physical resiliance


  • Clarity on your direction in life from person and professional perspectives
  • Understanding the strategic implications of having a vision
  • Ability to define resilience in your own words; understand why it is important and which resilience strategies work for you

“Floyd's credentials to speak about elite performance are absolute, though his real talent is his ability to communicate his message through everything he says and does. Floyd is able to change the environment in which he works and he demands the highest of standards and performance.”

Andy Flowers, England Cricket Coach

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