An opportunity for leaders of sports governing bodies and their head coaches to explore the aspects of the Compass For Life philosophy which most interest them. We will design a programme around your priority areas with the goal of enhancing your leadership qualities and giving you the tools to raise your team to the elite level you strive for. There will be a strong element of personal adventure as you step out of your comfort zone – you will be challenged but you will also be supported. You will leave the masterclass with in-depth knowledge of the Compass For Life philosophy, ready to spark cultural change


  • Minimum of half a day and up to several full days, tailored to the teams’ needs, to deep dive into one or several of the Compass Cardinals (Super North Star, Ethos, Strategist, Warrior Spirit)


  • Establish your leadership style
  • How to design the optimum work/life balance aligned with your vision
  • How to lead your team to an elite level


  • In-depth understanding of the Compass Cardinal(s) and philosophy
  • Understanding of the concepts, models, tools available to the Cardinals in your personal and professional life

“Floyd has helped some of our best young players to develop mental toughness and performing under pressure strategies and has also worked closely with coaches and leaders to ensure that environments are conducive to both general people development and on-field success. Floyd’s Compass for Life framework has proven to be a strong anchor for this work.”

Mo Bobat, Performance Director, England & Wales Cricket Board

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