If you want to open your eyes to the potential of Compass For Life, let this introductory course inspire you as CEO or head coach. We make no bones about the commitment required with longer engagement, and our track record, case studies and testimonials speak for the transformative impact that can be achieved. This course introduces the philosophy and four Compass Cardinals over just a half or full day. It leaves you with your own Compass For Life map to start informing your vision making process and begin the journey of dramatic transformation in your organisation.


  • The Compass For Life Introduction programme is typically done over half a day or a full day depending on the depth required
  • Half day introductions can be delivered online for adult teams


  •  Introduction to the Compass For Life Cardinals
  • – North: Super North Star
  • – East: Ethos
  • – South: Strategist
  • – West: Warrior Spirit
  • Build your Compass for Life Map


  • Establish an understanding of what you want in life and the steps you will need to take to get there. The key to performance is understanding your vision and why achieving this vision is important to you

“Floyd has helped some of our best young players to develop mental toughness and performing under pressure strategies and has also worked closely with coaches and leaders to ensure that environments are conducive to both general people development and on-field success. Floyd's Compass For Life framework has proven to be strong anchor for this work.”

Mo Bobat, Performance Director England & Wales Cricket Board

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