If you are looking for something different yet proven to give your elite sports team edge, Compass For Life will deliver. By combining visionary goal setting with the mental tool kit to achieve targets, it transforms attitudes and cultures to generate success. Compass For Life has been used by dozens of elite national and international sporting bodies and teams to raise standards.

Improvement is gained by focusing on four connected areas, the cardinals on a compass – Super North Star, Ethos, Strategist and Warrior Spirit – which each contain a deep range of materials to be tailored to the needs of the team. Delivered by engaging experts in their fields, our facilitators have a track record in making an impact in sports stars at the highest level.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Floyd for many years, with England Cricket and UK Athletics to name a few of the groups, watching him develop elite athletes and teams using the Compass For Life philosophy. Compass For Life demands the highest levels of attainment but this is underpinned by never losing sight of developing the person to be the best they can be. The simple but extremely effective philosophy is a guide to elite performance”

Simon Timson, Performance Director Manchester City

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Searching for the missing ingredient?

Working with elite sports people, their talent and drive is a given. Just as you and your coaches are at the top of your sporting field. So with the fundamentals in place, an important part of your role becomes that search for marginal gains. Looking for ways to create an environment in which a team can: work better together, trust themselves and each other more, be brave in their aspiration, and overcome psychological blocks that are holding them back. Top sports teams, coaches and administrators face unique pressures, from huge crowds to daily media scrutiny; financial considerations to the weight of history. Compass For Life is accessible enough for anyone to adopt, flexible enough to manage every pressure.

Credibility to engage

The military SAS origins of Compass For Life may capture the attention, but the sheer depth of research and experience underpinning the programme holds participants captivated. While the programme is all-encompassing for driving improvement in teams and individuals to be their best, a sports programme will often be its most powerful when focusing on helping people manage pressure. This is achieved by learning go-to routines, taking every second that is available to you and making good decisions in the heat of the moment. Our principle is to always start with a partnership approach and spend time within the environment to understand the culture and vision of the organisation. We then work alongside the coaches to see how they work together as a team. After this we assist them to create the correct coaching environment so the sports people can fulfil their potential.

Products for sports 

Our product range caters to sports body chief executives and their C-suite, head coaches and their leadership teams as well as athletes and players. It is beneficial to get alignment throughout a sporting hierarchy.

One to one coaching and mentoring at C-suite level

One to one mentoring and coaching with the rigour required and expected for top tier sports administrators and coaches.

Senior leadership programme

A series of half and full day sessions suited to head coaches and their leadership teams to enhance vision, strategy and culture. Align your team to a vision, improve communication and raise well-being and harmony.

Compass For Life introduction

A full or half day session which introduces the principles of Compass For Life to your senior leadership.

Compass For Life masterclass

In depth sessions which explore the Compass Cardinals with key personnel in greater detail.

Train the trainer

Five-day courses which teach senior leaders and coaches how to become Compass For Life Navigators and coach the principles themselves for ongoing engagement within your organisation.

Bespoke offerings

From half day sessions to full residential programmes featuring elite outdoor team building activities.

Crisis leadership training

Build resilience in your organisation when adversity hits by equipping senior leadership with proven tools and methods for leading during times of crisis.

Motivational speaking events

Let us devise an inspiring and insightful talk around the themes you wish addressed, with pertinent association made to Compass For Life philosophy.

“If your Compass is in equilibrium, you will be difficult to beat”

 Floyd Woodrow, Compass For Life founder

How the Compass for Life cardinals work

The power of the Compass For Life philosophy lies in its simplicity: four cardinals to help you become your best self, find your own “elite” and make a difference in the world - no matter who you are. The Compass helps provide a core motivating purpose for learning, together with direction for the journey through life: a bright, shining north cardinal (the guiding Super North Star) of aspiration that sits in the sky and that, no matter what the obstacles, you can always see. For sporting organisations who demand elite performance and the success that it leads to, Compass For Life shows the pathway to be followed:

Compass For Life In Action

Compass For Life provides the tools and motivation to help you discover what matters most and build your own journey to the future you crave.

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