When an organisation has experienced the beginnings of the culture shift and performance rise as a result of senior leadership coaching and training, they often turn to our train the trainer programme. It allows for a more rapid roll out of the Compass For Life philosophy to the wider workforce. For senior leaders already applying the principles to their own work life, this is the ideal next step for raising performance in their teams. Wider organisational gains follow. You embed the leadership and management skills in your organisation long after we are gone for lasting benefit and cultural change.


  • The Train The Trainer (TTT) package is a 5-day course delivered face to face
  • This can be done in 5 consecutive days or split into 2-2-1 days over time


  • Refined and in-depth understanding of the Compass For Life concept and cardinals
  • Ready for training of/application with existing or new/other audiences


  • Upskilling you so that you can deliver the Compass For Life programme to any audience, beyond your own organisations, teams and schools
  • 3 levels of accreditation are possible:
  • – An ILM Level 3 Award in Effective Coaching
  • – An ASDAN Level 2 Award of Personal Effectiveness
  • – An ILM Level 5 Award in Coaching & Mentoring

“We’re pitching Compass For Life to our instructors so they can use this methodology with their recruits. But it doesn’t stop there. I’m the commander of Initial Training Group and I use the Compass. I use the Compass because it is a great way of trying to set out the vision that I see for ITG over the next few years and also teaches me the mental resilience that I’m going to need if that vision is going to become reality.”

Brigadier Mike Butterwick, Commander ITG

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