This leadership programme is designed to create visionary alignment between CEO and all top tier management in your organisation. Embark on a demanding journey to develop or refine your organisational Super North Star, and give your top people the toolkit to lead towards it. The Compass For Life philosophy is accessible but far from easy. All participants will have to dig deep as they are challenged on what their true level of elite is and driven towards reaching it. The results will be an enhanced performance culture that helps your organisation excel in its field.


  • Minimum of 3 sessions
  • Half a day to full day sessions, depending on the nature of the organisations


  • Compass For Life leadership programme to enhance team/organisation performance
  • Vision and strategy for the organisation
  • How do you align towards your group Super North Star


  • Teams better aligned on their vision, values and how to get to their vision
  • Teams able to communicate better and more efficiently
  • Teams exemplifying wellbeing, harmony and happiness at work

“We are aspirational about helping players and staff to unlock their potential and achieve their own goals, dreams and ambitions, hence there is a natural fit with Floyd's excellent Compass For Life model. We are introducing the Compass For Life framework in order to help those in our environment to understand themselves and their approach, and prepare them to navigate their own path towards their Super North Star.”

Ian Brunnschweiler, Coach & Player Development Manager Southampton FC

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