Created for senior leadership teams to gain initial understanding of the Compass For Life philosophy, this programme can be tailored to a full or half day course. By explaining how the cardinals work individually and together, it allows participants to make some quick wins for themselves and their departments. It also enables them to build their own Compass For Life map, setting the inspirational scene for further transformation. For senior leadership daring for dramatic improvement, this can be the stepping stone to something remarkable.


  • 1 to 2 hours full Compass For Life leadership programme bespoke and tailored to the individuals need
  • Minimum of 4 sessions


  • Compass leadership programme to enhance personal development
  • How to create your vision and strategy
  • How to bring teams with you
  • How to influence and negotiate
  • How to build mental and physical resiliance


  • Clarity on your direction in life from person and professional perspectives
  • Understanding the strategic implications of having a vision
  • Ability to define resilience in your own words; understand why it is important and which resilience strategies work for you

“Compass For Life brings a challenging approach based on deep insight that forces you to confront every area of complacency. Its creators offer a rare blend of lived experience and deep research allied with a passion for extraordinary levels of clarity. There is a methodology that is emotionally appealing and professionally stimulating, with no room for average”

Paul Matthews, CEO, Monmouthshire County Council

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