Compass For Life Navigators are regularly called upon to deliver inspiring keynote talks to motivate teams and entire workforces. We’ll work with you to understand the angle or theme that you wish us to major on, and then prepare a talk which will resonate with your audience. Our talks always tie in with the Compass For Life cardinals. This reinforces the messaging and also helps audiences to understand that there is a renaissance of opportunity at their fingertips, if they are curious enough, brave enough, committed enough to reach for it.


  • Typically delivered in 1 to 3 hours with a focus on vision, inspiration, ethos, and team performance


  • Introduction to the Compass For Life philosophy and Navigator(s) as a unique way to inspire your teams, as individuals and as an organisation


  • Compass For Life is an agile and impactful leadership model to invite your teams to take a fresh look at leadership and growth
  • Having spent their lives pursuing excellence and forging future leaders, the Compass For Life Navigators provide a wealth of experiences that will resonate with your teams and motivate them

“The speakers that have come in are genuine subject matter experts and leaders in their field. To have people of their calibre come in and spend their time speaking to me has been fantastic.”

Sergeant Phil McPhail RMP

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