Crisis can strike at any time, so knowing that your top team has the capability to meet it face on and navigate to the best outcome is invaluable. Our robust courses draw on field-tested tools and models. They will equip your leadership with the knowledge and processes necessary to get on the front foot during times of adversity. A minimum of half a day is required to cover in sufficient depth; but we recommend more involved programmes. These conclude with an immersive crisis simulation exercise to ensure your executives put their new skills to the test and leave the training fully battle hardened.


  • Minimum half a day up to a comprehensive simulation exercise to train the team in crisis leadership


  • Practical application of crisis leadership models and tools to ready your teams and enhance their performance when dealing with crisis situation


  • Your teams are better equipped and trained to respond to a crisis
  • Your teams are given access to proven tools and models for responding to a crisis
  • Your teams are more confident in their ability to mange a crisis situation

“I have been leading large complex organisations for 20 years and have never experienced anything with this rigour or impact. It will touch every child in our schools, every person on our payroll and reach out into the communities that we serve.”

Paul Matthews, CEO, Monmouthshire County Council

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