Aimed at the senior leadership of your organisation this is an inspiring programme to ignite transformational change in both the participants and your organisation. Tailored to you it will focus on the cardinals of the compass most relevant to your current needs. All will be left with a detailed understanding of the Compass For Life philosophy. A toolkit of resources will assist senior leaders in breaking through personal barriers to greater achievement and leading the organisation to new heights.


  • Minimum of half a day and up to several full days, tailored to the teams’ needs, to deep dive into one or several of the Compass Cardinals (Super North Star, Ethos, Strategist, Warrior Spirit)


  • Establish your leadership style
  • How to design the optimum work/life balance aligned with your vision
  • How to lead your team to an elite level


  • In-depth understanding of the Compass Cardinal(s) and philosophy
  • Understanding of the concepts, models, tools available to implement the Compass Cardinals in your personal and professional life

“I would say that any commanding officer or anybody across the rank structure, might want to look at their own lives or their own professional development and I think Compass For Life is a really good tool for them.”

Brigadier Mike Butterwick, Commander ITG

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