Created for senior leadership teams to gain initial understanding of the Compass For Life philosophy, this programme can be tailored to a full or half day course. By explaining how the cardinals work individually and together, it allows participants to make some quick wins for themselves and their departments. It also enables them to build their own Compass For Life map, setting the inspirational scene for further transformation. For senior leadership daring for dramatic improvement, this can be the stepping stone to something remarkable.


  • The Compass For Life Introduction is typically done over half a day or a full day depending on the depth required


  •  Introduction to the Compass For Life cardinals
  • – North: Super North Star
  • – East: Ethos
  • – South: Strategist
  • – West: Warrior Spirit
  • Build your Compass for Life Map


  • Establish an understanding of what you want in life and the steps you will need to take to get there. The key to performance is understanding your vision and why achieving this vision is important to you

“There’s so many tools that I’ve learned that not only can I use for myself, but I will definitely instill in the recruits and actually tell them how to do it. So it’s a tool that anybody could use.”

Corporal Rosie Hart RLC

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