Compass For Life has strong pedigree in running leadership and visionary programmes within large organisations – from FTSE multinationals to the British Army. We specialise in helping you define an inspiring and ambitious vision and coaching you and your team in the leadership qualities to turn it into reality.

Drawing on internationally recognised expertise in the pertinent fields, our team has the credibility and experience to engage at every tier of your organisation. Complex concepts are made accessible through four guiding cardinals – Super North Star, Ethos, Strategist and Warrior Spirit. We offer you a journey of discovery, tough at times, but one on which you and your organisation will find a new level of elite.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and the Compass For Life programme is that personified. The value, though, lies in the team’s ability and credibility to deliver it. Their authenticity and experience commanded our respect from day one and that has only grown since.”

John Roberts, CEO, AO

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Challenge your organisation to new highs

Achieving top to bottom alignment within your organisation for an ambitious vision is one of the biggest challenges a leader faces. Illusive, but when achieved and everything clicks, transformative. A better culture, higher productivity and profitability all follow.


The search for the right coaching or programme to deliver this can take many months as it is a significant investment and cultural fit is essential. Compass For Life provides the framework to pick from all the leadership methodologies, finding the one or ones most appropriate to your organisation.


This, combined with our high calibre coaches and speakers, makes Compass For Life right for any organisation brave enough to embrace the search for its true potential.

Academic rigour, elite experience

Compass For Life has been meticulously developed through extensive reading, research and decades of combined experience in elite military, academic and corporate organisations. We are confident it will stand up to your highest scrutiny.


While sophisticated models, theory and ideas are presented accessibly and engagingly, participants never get an easy ride. Compass For Life challenges people at every level, mentally, physically (in terms of teaching you how to properly look after your physical well-being) and in finding your values. There’s nowhere to hide but when your team come out the other side they’ll be more resilient, braver, more ambitious.

Products for corporate and other organisations

We have a range of programmes for organisational settings. They can be commissioned individually although you will achieve the maximum benefit by starting at the top before rolling out a programme appropriate to your wider workforce.

One to one coaching and mentoring at C-suite level

Focused mentoring and coaching with the credibility required to engage with the most accomplished of executives.

Senior leadership programme

A challenging and supportive leadership coaching programme to achieve visionary alignment within the top tiers of your organisation.

Compass For Life introduction

Full or half day sessions which provide an accessible overview of the Compass Cardinals for senior management.

Compass For Life masterclass

In depth sessions which explore the Compass Cardinals with key personnel in greater detail.

Train the trainer

Five-day courses which teach your managers how to become Compass For Life Navigators for the benefit of their management style and the teams beneath them.

Bespoke offerings

From half day sessions to full residential programmes featuring elite outdoor team building activities.

Crisis leadership training

Give your top team the training they need to take any crisis in their stride with our tailored crisis leadership training courses.

Motivational speaking events

Our team of Navigators are experienced in delivering engaging keynote talks on themes linked to our Compass Cardinals.

“If you really want to explore elite, if you really want to look in the mirror and see the best version of you, if you are really bold enough to start the journey of high challenge and high support, then Compass For Life is for you."

Paul Matthews, CEO Monmouthshire County Council

How the Compass for Life cardinals work

The power of the Compass For Life philosophy lies in its simplicity: four cardinals to help you become your best self, find your own “elite” and make a difference in the world - no matter who you are.


The Compass helps provide a core motivating purpose for learning, together with direction for the journey through life: a bright, shining north cardinal (the guiding Super North Star) of aspiration that sits in the sky and that, no matter what the obstacles, you can always see.


With the right conviction, anyone can adopt the cardinals, anyone can thrive with them:

Compass For Life In Action

Compass For Life provides the tools and motivation to help you discover what matters most and build your own journey to the future you crave.

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