If you are looking to ramp up Compass For Life delivery within your school to capitalise on the benefits already being realised, our train the trainer programme is an excellent option. As well as doubling down on participants’ own understanding of the Compass For Life philosophy it equips them with the methodology to teach it. With a cohort of your teachers skilled in delivery, reach to pupils is extended significantly, transforming more young lives. And of course, opportunities to upskill your staff with accredited courses makes for a more attractive workplace for recruitment and retention purposes.


  • The Train The Trainer (TTT) package is a 5-day course delivered face to face
  • This can be done in 5 consecutive days or split into 2-2-1 days over time


  • Refined and in-depth understanding of the Compass For Life concept and cardinals
  • Ready for training of/application with existing or new/other audiences


  • Upskilling you so that you can deliver the Compass For Life programme to any audience, beyond your own organisations, teams and schools
  • 3 levels of accreditation are possible:
  • – An ILM Level 3 Award in Effective Coaching
  • – An ASDAN Level 2 Award of Personal Effectiveness
  • – An ILM Level 5 Award in Coaching & Mentoring

"Why do Compass for Life? That is simple, because it is what many of our children need, a compass to give them direction in life and the skill set and mindset to achieve their Super North Star."

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