As headteacher, immerse yourself and your senior leadership team in the Compass For Life philosophy. This in-depth programme will align thinking and strengthen your key players in areas like visionary thinking, influencing and communication. It is not any easy path and requires commitment, but the rewards in personal and professional development and the capacity for organisational change are inspiring. Over several half or full day sessions you will create or refine your organisational Super North Star, and develop the toolkit to work harmoniously towards it.


  • Minimum of 3 sessions
  • Half a day to full day sessions, depending on the nature of the organisations


  • Compass leadership programme to enhance team/organisation performance
  • Vision and strategy for the organisation
  • How do you align towards your group SNS


  • Teams better aligned on their vision, values and how to get to their vision
  • Teams able to communicate better and more efficiently
  • Teams exemplifying wellbeing, harmony and happiness at work

“Compass For Life brings a challenging approach based on deep insight that forces you to confront every area of complacency. Its creators offer a rare blend of lived experience and deep research allied with a passion for extraordinary levels of clarity. There is a methodology that is emotionally appealing and professionally stimulating, with no room for average."

Paul Matthews, CEO, Monmouthshire County Council

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