If you are looking for a motivational keynote speaker for a celebration event or assembly, the Compass For Life team can match one perfectly for your needs. We will work with you to understand the themes you would like to touch upon and what it is you wish to spark in your audience, and then prepare an engaging talk accordingly. Common topics that we are asked to address (among many others) include careers, aspiration, courage and resilience. We can link these to our four compass cardinals of Super North Star, Ethos, Strategist and Warrior Spirit which will leave your audience informed, energised and curious to find out more.


  • Typically delivered in 1 to 3 hours with a focus on vision, inspiration, ethos, and team performance


  • Introduction to the Compass and Compass For Life¬†Navigator(s) as a unique way to inspire your teams, as individuals and as an organisation


  • The Compass is an agile and impactful leadership model to invite your teams to take a fresh look at leadership and growth
  • Having spent their lives pursuing excellence and forging future leaders, the Compass For Life Navigators provide a wealth of experiences that will resonate with your teams and motivate them

"The children's enthusiasm has been very encouraging and has given us the opportunity to discuss the other points of the compass in detail so that they have a real purpose and direction for their learning. Thank you for the inspiration!"

Assistant Headteacher, C H Primary School

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