This introductory programme is ideal for headteachers seeking an inspiring half or full day training programme for their teaching staff, or as a course for students. You may have already undertaken more focused Compass For Life coaching yourself and want to begin extending it to your school. Or you may be experiencing Compass For Life for the first time. Either way, participants will be inspired by the importance of having a vision. They will gain an introduction to the four compass cardinals which will begin to equip them with the tools to find their elite.


  • The CFL Introduction is typically done over half a day or a full day depending on the depth require
  • Half day introductions can be delivered online for adult teams


  •  Introduction to the Compass For Life cardinals
  • – North: Super North Star
  • – East: Ethos
  • – South: Strategist
  • – West: Warrior Spirit
  • Build your Compass for Life Map


  • Establish an understanding of what you want in life and the steps you will need to take to get there. The key to performance is understanding your vision and why achieving this vision is important to you

"We have had the most amazing 2 days, we are privileged to be in the position to influence and change children’s lives! Thank you to Compass For Life for helping us to realise our vision"

Headteacher, Great Kingshill

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