Compass For Life for students is a suite of specially designed programmes for primary and secondary school aged children. They can be commissioned as one-off exercises, or as part of a wider roll-out of the Compass For Life philosophy in your school – for example after senior leadership and teachers have upskilled with coaching and workshops. The transformative impact that the philosophy has on students and schools is so rewarding, to us and headteachers who commission the programme. It complements the national curriculum and fits strongly alongside the Gatsby Benchmarks for careers and the statutory relationships education (RSE and PHSE) by teaching the life skills that support learning in general: Aspiration to understand why education is important; strategic thinking to see how everything fits together; mental and physical resilience to cope with adversity; and the importance of having values.

24-week programme

This specially developed 24-week curriculum complements academic learning by focusing on the soft skills of resilience, aspiration, values and strategic thinking. It is suitable for pupils of any age and background and we have witnessed remarkable turnaround stories from disadvantaged children in particular. The power of the Compass For Life philosophy delivered in this programme is genuinely exciting for school leaders wanting to make lasting improvement on the pupils in their care. We’ve seen it impact end of Key Stage assessments, but more importantly we’ve seen it positively impact children’s lives for years to come.

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Leadership training for students

Student leaders are no different to their adult counterparts. The beauty of the Compass For Life philosophy is that all the fundamentals it teaches for leadership are as accessible to young people as they are to adults. The delivery of our four cardinals - Super North Star, Ethos, Strategist and Warrior Spirit - is simply tailored accordingly in these workshops. This programme is ideal for your students who are given leadership roles such as on school council or as prefects. Not only will it help them step up to their new responsibilities, building a legacy throughout the school; but it will enable them to enhance their communication skills, learn about critical thinking and problem solving and develop skills in negotiation.

Transition preparation

Transitions from key year groups, such as from year 6 to year 7 and from year 11 to sixth form can cause anxiety and excitement in equal measure. Compass For Life transition preparation programmes teach students to channel the energy and emotion positively. They are year-group specific so that they are always relevant. Students will reflect on their Super North Star and devise a step-by-step plan to reach it, developing their strategic thinking. Importantly, the courses build resilience by including exercises on contingency planning.

Recovery curriculum

COVID lockdowns were the perfect example of the need for recovery curriculums. While we hope there will not be more of these, schools may face individual needs for a recovery curriculum from time to time. Recovery curriculum programmes help students to navigate challenging situations. They carry an immediate benefit in the aftermath of the recovery and also equip students with skills to better cope with future adversity. As with all Compass For Life programmes, there are many insightful and engaging resources which are drawn upon, selected according to the age of the year group. For students aged 10 and upwards, Floyd’s book ‘I am Jessie: Guardians of the Compass’, has proven a successful tool in encouraging students to read with a strong emphasis on literacy skills. In the book Jessie is on an adventure and has to overcome many challenges and much adversity. To be successful she needs to use her magic compass (her Compass For Life).

“Compass for Life gives a purpose to learning, gives a reason to persevere when things are hard, gives a point to education to those children who don’t get the support they deserve. This will impact on the end of Keystage assessments and tests, but far more importantly this will have an impact on the rest of their lives and they will achieve their Super North Star.”

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