AO are the only electrical retailer with more than 150,000 Excellent reviews on Trust Pilot. They are a forward-thinking company which employs more than 2,500 people across the UK and Europe. They’ve even constructed their own appliance recycling plant to help customers and take care of the environment. AO sought a new vision and strategy to become a global organisation of the future.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and the Compass For Life programme is that personified."

The underlying simplicity of Compass For Life means it is adaptable to many leadership situations, but it is absolutely tailor-made for delivering a vision and strategy programme. The Compass For Life toolbox is deep and its roots in elite performance get instant buy in from executives. We began by conducting a company analysis and a review with the Compass For Life team. With our findings reported and approach agreed we worked first with the senior leadership in one to one sessions, before expanding our delivery to middle management through group sessions. Within the compass are clear tools for developing a vision and strategy, this not only includes visualisation techniques but discussions with the team on their brand, what they do well (ensuring the basics are in place) and where they want to be innovative in their thinking to get ahead of the competition. We spent time developing values, mental and physical resilience programmes which cover nutrition, sleep, hydration, movement and mindfulness alongside creating psychological resilience resources. It became clear we needed to build a Senior Leadership Team that was aligned, so we brought in the key leaders within the organisation to participate and grew the Senior Leadership Team. It was important to define a clear vision, values and strategy, and then ensure we engaged the whole company behind them. We nurtured a determination to get to each milestone they set. Throughout the course of the 18-month programme we brought in our internationally renowned Navigators who are experts in each of the four cardinals, such as Dr Neil Hawkes founder of international Values in Education.

"I rarely write references but I recommend Compass For Life completely."

The impact has been transformative, and AO have now built a completely new vision and strategy to help them on their journey to becoming a global organisation. Feedback informed us that the Compass For Life programme galvanised thinking, shaped strategy and brought about behavioural change for the leadership team as a unit and as individuals. AO recognise themselves as a better business for it with a clearer plan on how they are going to realise their ambitions. Many of the team had a kick start in the physical training, and all of them started to build better teams beneath them.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and the Compass For Life programme is that personified. The value though lies in the team’s ability and credibility to deliver it. Their authenticity and experience commanded our respect from day one and that has only grown since. Belief and trust are the foundation to any programme like this and the nuance between success or not. I rarely write references but I recommend Compass For Life completely.”

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