Dr. Neil Hawkes

Dr. Neil Hawkes, D.Phil (Oxford), FRSA

Dr Neil HawkesNeil Hawkes is the founder of Values-based Education (VbE). Neil is highly respected throughout the world as an educational leader and thinker. Neil’s highly successful career in the UK encompassed teaching, three headships, and senior educational leadership in county education authorities.

Whilst he was a county chief adviser for education, he decided to return to a school headship to implement his transformational ideas, which promotes Self-leadership based on positive human values.

Neil spent seven years as Headteacher of West Kidlington School in Oxford where he gained a reputation for his outstanding leadership and transformational curriculum.  It was here that the school community worked together to devise and implement a system of Values-based Education that has been recognised internationally as the foundation of outstanding school practice. 

Neil is well known as an inspirational speaker, broadcaster and writer.  His latest book, From My Heart: Transforming Lives Through Values, is a celebration of the success of VbE worldwide and is a ‘must read’ for all.

Neil’s personal website and blog is www.NeilHawkes.org He can be contacted for advice or about speaking at conferences and school training opportunities in VbE at Neil.Hawkes@btinternet.com.