About us

Compass for Life shows you the way

Compass For Life™ is a unique approach that brings together the best aspects of leadership training currently available into a simple, concise, and effective framework.  It enables primary and secondary school students, university graduates, business leaders and sports teams, at the highest level, to consistently develop their individual, team and organisational capabilities.    It also connects like-minded leaders who use the framework into a network that can share national and international perspectives, pass on best practice and support or challenge current methodologies in order to give the best insights back to the larger community.

For academia the framework provides students with a formula that empowers them to take responsibility for their own learning and to achieve their ambitions in partnership with their teachers.  It also helps the teachers develop their own compass as they journey with their students to higher levels of performance.

For Business, it provides a framework to develop their organisation, teams, and individuals into elite performers that pursue excellence, making the business more profitable while ensuring they develop an ethical, cohesive and values driven culture.

For Sports it enables coaches, teams and individuals to enhance their skills, put those skills under pressure, test them and perform at the highest levels when it matters the most.  This is achieved by creating a high performing culture that demands and expects the highest standards.

Compass For Life™ complements all current leadership methodology by aligning them with each cardinal so that everyone can have a compass for life.